1) How do I get to MyBalloonFiesta?

- It is situated at Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur. 


2) Where can I buy the tickets?

- You can purchase the tickets using the link above, or at any outlet within Klang Valley.


3)  Where should we park, and is there any parking charges?

- There are 3000 parking bays all over Desa Parkcity. 2000 of them at the Arcadia Plaza. Yes, there are parking charges by Desa Parkcity.


4) Are cameras allowed?

- Absolutely! It’s time to bring out all your high tech toys and gadgets!


5) Do photographers get free access into the Balloon Field?

Your general admissions ticket offers you access to the whole event site, including the Balloon Field.


6) When is the best time to catch the balloons taking flight?

- For 2017’s MyBalloonFiesta, balloons will free-fly in the morning at 7am in Putrajaya.


7) What happens to the balloon rides if there is bad weather?

- Should there be bad weather, the hot air balloons will have to immediately seize operation due safety reasons. It will continue to carry the remaining passengers if the weather permits.


8) What and when is the highlight of the event?

- The highlight of the event is called the Night Glow Show. This is where all the balloons will be lit up at the balloon field, to accompany a glorious mix of music and lights.


9) Any other activities and competitions this year?

- Do check out our ‘Activities & Contests’ tabs on our website.


10) What facilities do you provide on site?

- There are a lot of facilities and amenities in Desa Parkcity and the event site itself. We have also added extra portable toilets, and our event site is quite wheelchair friendly. Please contact us if you need further information.


11) Why can’t the public have a ride on the free flying balloons?

- During MyBalloonFiesta, our balloons are dedicated to flying Medias and Sponsors. Fret not! If you would like the chance to fly on a hot air balloon in Putrajaya, please visit


12) Is there a hotel nearby that we can stay a day earlier or on the day itself?

- Do check out our ‘Info’ tab for list of nearby hotels.


13) Where is the nearest mosque / surau?

- There is a surau in The Waterfront @ Desa ParkCity.


14) Are we allowed to bring outside food?

- Yes you may. But we ask for your cooperation to keep the area clean at all times.


15) What is the payment method for this fiesta?

- We only accept cash at the Fiesta. There will be ATM machines (Maybank and CIMB) located at The Waterfront @ Desa Parkcity nearby the balloon park.


16) Could I get a refund after purchasing online?

- Tickets purchased are non-refundable. Refunds are only applicable for MyBalloonClub memberships, should the weather not be on our side. Refunds will be processed latest by May 2017. Please contact us for further details.


17) Are pets allowed?

- Strictly no pets allowed during the Fiesta and/or in the Balloon Park. This is because pets (especially dogs) are sensitive to the sound of the hot air balloon burners.


18) Will there be balloons flying?

- Mass Ascension will only happen in Putrajaya where 15 hot air balloons will take off on all three mornings of 10th - 12th March in Precinct 2, Monumen Alaf Baru (previous MyBalloonFiesta location). Balloon pilots will be flying sponsors, media and MyBalloonAdventure passengers. Public are welcome to enjoy the view for FREE. For visitors who are interested to fly, please contact to purchase your flying tickets.